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Brain Strain: A new study shows that, on average, men do THIS 29 seconds faster than women.

Jun 14, 2013|

Air Date 14 Jun 13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a case study four point nine WOLX. 730 Scott Miller in the morning Heather Moore and the brain strain do enough for packet tickets. To the Miller's game this Sunday afternoon. It's at the 3 o'clock gets the Green Bay bull frogs win the tickets -- in the brain strain -- is a new study shows that on average. Men. -- this. 29 seconds faster. Then women. Wash your hands. That's not an album do you do that we should all do them more often now wash our hands what is that senior cold. What's your clothes for him on the floor did you say back in your clothes on that change of let's get dressed as he made my dad's. How -- here a little higher or adjust our cut our own nice non answer did the right to know it's not really. Although all you think you think it turned heads for true. It's not yet dressed parallel park or wash hands what do you say. Oh you're a big -- thought about it you know Larry. Okay they think we try and it's not wash your hands get dressed parallel park a new study shows that on average men do this -- -- nine seconds. Faster than women. -- -- -- -- Dubai. You hang no no you hang up I let you know little what do they messed backpack act act a new outlet what's your name. There was an apple two in the. Sorry I thinks that about bank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- okay. Sunday is bothers. Day Father's Day. So all you fathers out there and all you mothers out there should get the answer of this question. King that night -- what was that does sound effect before we started to what was the background a baby it was about eight app and that. I thought it was a may be what's your name. -- I think Heather what your baby's name this is -- day today your baby's name believe me anti love yeah. I love that name okay that you put daisy on the micro. I -- -- what was your answer. Did you play winner wet and yeah I can't go. I don't study shows that on average men that changed diapers when nine seconds faster than women. And you're the winner winner winner it's up for packet gets to them dollars game on Sunday afternoon Heather regrets. Thinking you know. You're so welcome and open on embarrass myself thrown out the first pitch.

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