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Brain Strain: If you're an average woman, you have 11 of THESE.

Jun 4, 2013|

Air Date 4 Jun 13

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    Amy. Aimee add as the Wisconsin portrait egg association a credible egg tote bag and a pair of tickets. To overture hall for our next Tuesday the second to see Mannheim steamroller congrats. I. Don't you are welcome moment joy and we'll do it again tomorrow morning the brain strain is at 730 tomorrow. It's about average.
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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Classic it's -- four point nine WO well like 730 Scott Miller in the morning Heather Moore in the brain strain. To win -- alias family four pack of tickets. To the Madison area builders association's annual parade of homes it begins this weekend runs through the 23. And that ticket is redeemable for the face value add bonfire American girl Prado homes Seymour at MA BA dot org. Here's today's -- straight question if you're an average woman you have eleven of the east. Ex boyfriend at -- campaign and the bureau parade. And it. No that's not -- -- are. If you marry. Thought I -- Because she went through all those presents -- -- it since the thanks for the answer that's not correct it's not ex boyfriend what do you say it is. Call. Eight and a half in your life tests he's in -- But it is you do it's that's right but not correct not pets not ex boyfriends if you're an average what you have eleven of the games. -- -- -- Friends. -- Brandon Brandon is not correct but thanks for try and friend not friends pets are ex boyfriends what's your answer. -- -- And benefit Canada that what you gonna buy me girl and that's not it not credit cards friends pets are ex boyfriends. We've got. I got. Your work. Beauty mark. Let that you do things that -- but that's the -- I. Or. Extra pounds or it's they way when I went yeah. Pounds that your trial whose is that correct answer what's your name. At all and who's the weak part we UF. Use it me you're going to -- there you with somebody here. I don't OK so your big enough you refer to yourself boy don't we don't he's using him royally. What you got it buddy -- is but. That you're trying to lose and it's a four packet tickets to the Madison area builders association annual parade of homes. Which starts this week it runs through the 23 week you can all go Hugo of life. What are -- -- 730. We'd.

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