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Brain Strain: The average person does *this* about 15 times a day. What is *this*?

Dec 1, 2010|

The average person does *this* about 15 times a day. What is *this*? Original airdate: 12.01.10

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    Thu, 18 Dec 2014


    If you're a man, there's a 35% chance that you haven't changed THIS since you were a kid.

    eating habits found at 0:09, 1:44, 4:38

    But he four point nine WO elect and the brain strain if you're a man there's a 35%. Chance that you haven't change at this since you were a kid. You're eating habits that's about it. But that's a nice helpful answer it's not you're eating habits what's your answer who what we're dial hairstyle is not. Not here style and not your eating habits what is it took based what is it. To April toothpaste. Is not ahead. Are we to get through so hey congratulations you got to know exactly the wrong answer to that funny yet. Not that toothpaste. Not hairstyle or eating habits if you're a man. There's a 35%. Chance you haven't changed this and you were a kid. Well cloture rule. You'll rule would you like you you're still live would your parents are. Not me but look at that that's the answer I get it about it though it's not your own room. Nice to live with your mom and dad or toothpaste hair style or eating habits what your answer. Ad Elliot says that they cared about. Well yeah it the way we play you get a freebie if
    boost your self esteem it's not your room your toothpaste. Hairstyle or eating habits what is it. Your underwear brain and the wanna see Spider-Man. That studied if you're a man there's a 35%. Chance that
    answer is. I am. Your favor why. That's not and it's not eating habits broccoli. Dessert pizza wallet or restaurants what is it. Are your least favorite bird. Least is not it. Okay thank you. We're all over the it's okay it's not your least favorite food is not your eating habits broccoli dessert pizza all wallet favorite restaurants it is your favorite. It's not even into your favorite I know that's that it
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    Wed, 17 Dec 2014


    The average person will do THIS 26 times during the holiday season

    brain strain found at 1:37, 3:19

    Followers or they let her hair. What is what is it. They've happy holidays to someone you don't at all. And happy holidays no that's not. I Christmas. The average person will do this 26 times during the holiday season not say a prayer eat cookies or say happy holidays to someone they don't know which your answer. They're thinking how little it that balance inquiry. I know those New York how much you've got in there. Out. I. We often this. We all share the same hour thanks heinous yeah that's not it thank you. While the average person will do this 26 times during the holiday season that's our brain strain question. I won't save you some credit credit art. That's the idea. So go ahead and do what you are doing now we not use your credit card what's your answer. Pardon me it occurred at Christmas card it's not yet in the mail it's not yet. So that's not it but it will be helpful to them audio it's not get a Christmas card but it's something like that and it's not use your credit card what is it. Are you angry. Are chasing Christmas Carol
    00 on it. I'm not shovel the driveway singer Carol get a Christmas card in the mail or use their credit cards some didn't do with a Christmas card though what is it. Is set and -- hurt I was incorrect that was the only run all out I don't spend that they. Read it for the third key of cars. That's about it now. You know if they do. Thank you the average person will do this 26 times during the holiday season is not get a Christmas card it is not send a Christmas card . It is not read Christmas card . But it's something to do with sending. A Christmas card to 11949. For the brain strain at WOLA would allow. The art. And and even when. It's not licked the envelope what is it. Yellow all now where are they would sleep trying present art when you say what. Playing Christmas card sign you design a Christmas card 26 times during the holiday season if you're average what are what are what are what's your name. Kevin Kevin and as the price package from mystique casino
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    Tue, 16 Dec 2014


    20% of holiday party hosts say THIS has happened to them.

    snow falling found at 0:15

    94 point nine W you'll elects in the brain strain 20% of holiday party hosts say this has happened to them. You're boring. I would children actually are foreigners leave member of the party no that's not it snow falling asleep does not at what your answer. From the stolen from him what does it. I'm been stolen that's exactly a funny what did you steal people to learn billion dollar admit to it no seriously make them catch yeah. I thought somebody's gonna Siegel and the medicine cabinet in the bathroom some that was stolen is the correct answer what's your name. Very Jerry winner winner winner prize pack from mystique casino includes. The buff Fay and free play have fun. All right thank you are welcome tomorrow morning the brain strain will stay in the holiday mode. We play at 730.
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    The average American has about 90,000 of THESE

    brain strain found at 0:02

    Not four point nine W Rolex and the brain strain the average American has about 90000. Of these. Auditor. There what is it fair. Payers here follicles you had an Arab do

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And you'll election in the Marines -- today's question the average person does this about fifteen times per day what is it. -- it will hurt. And that's the answer. He person not the writing answers. Good answer to the timing your enjoyment of pressure. It didn't highlight it. -- -- -- -- -- There. The times today what do you do for a living your and. A lot of around here like he hit forget. You have time to do anything else and I as it up that. -- I. Took cool cubicle he's got and benefit not washing your hands it's not -- it's not saying thank you it's not sneezing. What is that the average person about fifteen times per day. Yeah text. -- million that he probably nightly double that we expect that's. Not the range. That would be fifteen times for our problem that one buddy bill either not email or washing hands we had. -- often on -- sneezing and sneezing that we had saying thank you. And none of those are correct what's the average person do about fifteen times per day in your party. -- so are have to ask you know you look out below and flash not -- -- we ultimately. If no. He's so disappointed about the correct that -- -- not the answer room we're all going away funniest answer -- The average person does this about fifteen times per day. And it's not. Passing gas. The chicken email or wash her hands are yawning nursing think you're sneezing it's time for him against -- we needed to -- We absolutely -- the average person does this about fifteen times per day -- You can do this by yourself or you can do this with someone else maybe it is -- yeah. Okay. I can do this alone you can do it with somebody else what is that the average person does about fifteen times per day it's the brain strain it through it 1198. Or nine. 94 point nine WOLX and the brain strain that question today the average person does this -- about fifteen times per day do you haven't figured out. -- empowerment I. Know it's a great yes that you could look at what she's yes she's double the average and -- -- it you can't that's. You know that's ingredients -- but not to correct when -- see you know I thank you for trying in the not looking in the mirror what is it. But -- -- up other. All talk about a London England not you do that a woman and I guess I thought it helped a lot. Not not the book. That that's that's a great answer but not the correct answer it's not talking about -- S call for your SOB brag war. And looking in the mirror what is it that that the average person does about fifteen times per day and you could do it alone or you can do it in a group. Complaining. Leaning leaning now see had a -- but before this I say that's warm I say that complaining is that that'll help you think if you. But the -- sure -- Yeah completely flipped the coin at -- moment not complaining. What's the answer if it's not complaining or looking in the Mir. Talking about your SO what's the answer today. It. Yeah. Nice job ads. -- congratulations. On a tentative -- -- this morning. Well this could got to -- Atlanta. What what's your name. -- we. We are all right and montella. Tell Louise what she's one cool air tickets to dance Wisconsin's -- -- fantasy happening this weekend at the Wisconsin -- -- Well maybe you'll do -- -- again tomorrow morning at 730.

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